SH - System

New, simple retraction engine for model gliders weighing up to 8,5kg.

On this prototipe is already possible to adjust the angle of the wing to the motor axis. Control switch provides the option at any time on the ground pylon eject and retract without using the transmitter, which is very convenient when replacing propeller or engine.


 There is no danger of rotating the engine in the fuselage, when it is inserted (closed) because the regulator connects until after driving into upper protruded position (open).


 We offer this system built in our gliders. We can install it into any hull.On condition that the fuselage diameter 37 cm from the sparu hull is at least 7 cm . It is also appropriate that the fuselage is sufficiently matured (tempered) during the manufacturing or reinforced at the cutting the door, because when cutting there is the threat of expansion..We are able to produce the system in any size with any engine.


The price of installation depends on the complexity and difficulty.